Christian Louboutin Expands Nude Collection for Every Skin Tone


Fashion insiders all offer the same tip about nude shoes: flesh-toned stilettos will give you legs for days—if they happen to match your leg color, that is. Christian Louboutin has finally solved that pesky problem by extending his Nude Collection of red-soled shoes to ensure that, regardless of what your skin color is, you’ll be able to find a matching flesh-colored heel.

The Nude Collection made its debut in 2013, but a cry for more shades prompted action from the famous footwear designer, who has expanded his collection to five different shades from pale to dark; another two colors will become available in August.




The styles of nude have expanded to include the Deepik—a scalloped-edge, peep-toe stiletto—and the Dorissima—a rounded toe pump.

Louboutin cites his reason for expanding the shoe line by saying, “Nude is not a colour, it’s a concept.” We agree.

To celebrate every skin tone, the company will take the #NudesForAll to social media this summer.