Victoria Beckham Debuts Merged Line

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British singer turned designer Victoria Beckham has finally debuted her merged line following the announcement last month that she would be pooling together her Victoria Beckham Denim range with the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection. Inspired by the circus, Beckham’s new collection features bold colour and pattern in psychadelic-style prints reminiscent of a fair ground.

“The Victoria, Victoria Beckham category has always reflected the other side of my wardrobe and this season has further developed with the integration of  the denim collection and a broad range of separates for the first time,” said Beckham to British Vogue. “I focused on creating pieces that are easy to wear but still feel special. There is still a sense of fun within the collection and I am excited to see it to continue to develop and evolve into what I believe is a unique proposition for my customers wardrobe.” The resulting resort collection is something that Beckham insists she’s been wanting to do for some time now, adding that the fusion of her two lines was quite an organic process. “We’d been focusing on dresses, so it’s been great to be able to have jeans and shirting, [too],” she said, saying that she is really “excited about this collection — it’s exactly what I want in my wardrobe, these are things that I want to wear, and I think these are things that my customer wants to wear.”

Beckham is continuing to evolve and grow her brand, with several openings in the pipeline. Early next year she will be debuting her range in Hong Kong, as well as planning stores in U.S. locations such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles after that.