SF: Get In Summer Shape With Napa’s New Domaine Carneros “Brut-camp”

Domaine Carneros Workout_001Photo Credit: Courtesy Domaine Carneros

Boot camp at a winery may sound like a fit oenophile’s dream, but it’s reality thanks to the new Domaine Carneros “Brut-camp” now available at the Napa vineyard. That’s right wine enthusiasts, you can enjoy an all-out blended experience that combines the rewards of a rigorous workout with a healthy dose of post-workout recovery. It’s the latest health and wellness offering by the brand known for its sparkling wine.

The heart pumping one-hour “Brut-camp” – designed and led by certified personal trainers Jeremy Cheung and Nat Viranond – takes advantage of the spectacular natural setting including the château’s grand staircase, terraces, organic vineyards and gorgeous gardens.

You’ll reap the rewards of this energizing, revitalizing circuit with an “only in wine country” twist by kicking things off with the First Flight, a series of dynamic stretching using the winery’s staircase and crush pad that quickly transitions to three circuits focusing on explosive movement, strength and high intensity interval training.

Circuit one, the Crush, is heart-pumping explosive movements interspersing ball slams with high speed, heavy rope drills that crank up to circuit two, the Reserve, a strength training series using your body’s resistance for squats, chest press and TRX standing rows. The ‘finisher’ and final circuit is the massive Magnum, high intensive interval training including vine sprints and core work.

At last, the Sparkling Cool-Down, a series of mobility and conditioning drills that seamlessly transition to a walk through the estate vineyards followed by your post-workout recovery, a guided tasting of three Domaine Carneros estate sparkling wines paired with seasonal super foods.

So gather your group and get outside to run, lift, jump, play – what better backdrop than Domaine Carneros to exercise, boost energy and enjoy the best bubbles.

This comes from the winery that also brings you Vinyasa in the Vineyard, a yoga class on the veranda of the winery’s iconic château. With Vinyasa in the Vineyard,  you can avoid the usual sticky, packed to the brim Bikram class and mix-up your routine with a meditative, refreshing yoga session surrounded by the vineyard’s enchanting vistas. No awkward partner poses with strangers or getting bumped off the waitlist here – you’ll receive a personalized class featuring your preferred poses, an attentive instructor and plenty of room to stretch out and breathe.

A beautiful morning is best greeted with a crisp, post-yoga flute of organic bubbles and a cool-down walk through the vineyards led by a Senior Wine Educator, who will explain the basics of winemaking, organic farming and bud break before leading you back to the château for a an elegant open-air to relax, enjoy the view and sample five Domaine Carneros wines. The one-hour yoga session will seamlessly transitions from Shavasana to sparkling wine paired with seasonal bites that are both delicious and health-conscious.

For more information or to make a reservation for either activity, please contact Stacey Meyer at 707.257.0101 ext. 122 or smeyer@domainecarneros.com.