See Inside Apple’s New Ritzy Upper East Side Location


Over the weekend, Apple debuted its brand new location in Manhattan’s ritzy Upper East Side.

The new store, which is housed in a 93-year-old building, is located at the corner of East 74th Street and Madison Avenue. The building was once the home of the U.S. Mortgage & Trust Bank in the 1920s. The high-end tech company redesigned the space to encapsulate the spirit of that time period.

iPhone case display

The new Upper East Side location features unique design elements. Beats lovers will find the headphones displayed on an ultra-cool inset wall with a number of round, wooden “heads.” Each pair of headsets is connected to an iPhone and available for customers to try. The display is a first of its kind for Apple. Another design element that evokes the spirit of the former bank is the wooden plank display for iPhone cases. Pulling the handle of the display reveals a draw full of phone cases, similar to revealing safety deposit boxes.


The most unique aspect of the plush location is the bank vault located in the basement. The former bank vault has been converted into a posh VIP room with couches, a large television as well as laptops and iPhones. The vault will be used to host Apple Watch Edition try-ons.


To cater to the Upper East Side affluent residents, Apple has revived its personal shopping service, which the tech company ended in 2010.

In a statement to Wall Street Journal, the company said, “The Upper East Side store is designed to serve an important role in the neighborhood and respect the surrounding community. In this case, that means a smaller footprint, earlier closing time, and private shopping options for customers.”

(Photos via Apple Insider)