Nicky Hilton Shares 7 Tips on How to Look Fabulous While Flying



Nicky Hilton is the ultimate jet setter, which is why the LA-based beauty was the perfect person to partner with Smashbox Cosmetics on its upcoming jet set travel kit.

In creating the set, the 31-year-old businesswoman combined her three loves: style, beauty, and cats. “My signature makeup look is always the cat eye because it is elegant and timeless. It reflects my love of cats, which are mysterious, graceful and can adapt to any environment. Since I change my look based on my environment, I collaborated with Smashbox to create three cat eye kits inspired by my favorite cities—LA, NYC and London. The formulas in the kits are long wear and easy to apply, perfect for any jetsetter,” says Hilton of the collaboration.

The kits, which retails for $54, includes the Photo Op Eye Shadows, Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liners, and her all-time favorite mascara—Full Exposure. The L.A. set includes: Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner in Cocoa, Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Screen Shot, Full Exposure Mascara, Pretty Kitty Bag, and City Postcard with get-the-look instructions.
We sat down with Hilton prior to the kits’ summer/fall release to find out her tips and tricks for looking absolutely fabulous while jet-setting around the world.




1. I always lather on moisturizer (eye, face and body) before a long flight. Being up in the air for so long is extremely dehydrating.

2. I always have a pair of sunglasses. Perfect for going under the radar.

3. An eye mask is essential for me. My favorite is the Minfold. It’s cushioned and blocks all light from coming in.

4. Don’t wear sweatpants! I know they’re comfortable but it’s so sloppy looking! Leggings are a better alternative.

5. I always have a small cosmetic bag of essentials (mascara, eyeliner and lip balm). You never know who you’re going to run into at the airport! *image of kitty bag w/items please*

6. Throwing a hat on during travel is cute and chic. I don’t like packing my hats because they loose their shape or get squished. It’s much safer on my head.

7. I tend to get cold easily. I love traveling with a big pashmina or shawl. It keeps me warm and doubles as a blanket.


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