Miami: Q & A with Matt Kuscher Owner of LoKal, Kush, and The Spillover

Kush WynwoodMatt Kuscher, owner of LoKal in Coconut Grove and Kush in Wynwood, is ready to open up his next eatery in Coconut Grove this summer called The Spillover. But first, let’s talk about the spot that everyone is buzzing about, Kush. Located on the corner of north Miami Avenue, Kush is serving up locally sourced food ranging from grass fed burgers to alligator bites. With a laid-back environment, a great selection of beers on tap, and happy customers, we trust that Kuscher knows what he’s doing when it comes to running a restaurant.
Kush Gator BitesUnlike LoKal and Kush that are famous for their mouthwatering burgers, The Spillover at the Mayfair will specialize in seafood. It’s a completely different concept, which will focus on serving local seafood along with crisp ciders and delicious wine, including honey wine AKA mead. Absolutely every item on the menu will be made using no prepared ingredients, right from scratch so customers can expect the same high, quality food that’s served at LoKal and Kush. The Spillover will be the fanciest of the three. Now by fancy we mean a hip and stylish casual environment complete with outdoor seating. Yes, your pooch can join you out on the promenade while you savor that lobster BLT.

We caught up with Matt Kuscher and asked him a couple of questions:

When & why did you decide to open up your own restaurant?
“I always knew I wanted to open my own restaurant, the difference is wanting to open one and getting the concept, funding, and all the other nuts and bolts that took time.”

Your food is as local and / or organic as possible correct?
“We source from all local farms when possible including our beef, alligator, sausages, and bacon.”

What is your absolute favorite dish on the Kush menu?
“I love the Boss Hog, we source sausages from Proper Sausages in Miami Shores and with our homemade slaw it’s my go-to dish.”

Which beer style do you prefer?
“Every occasion calls for a different style, love gueze when its Miami hot, IPA when I’m looking for flavor country, stouts and porters when It’s rainy and gloomy.”

What inspired you to open up Botanica next door to Kush?
“I have always been obsessed with Santeria and the presence here in Miami and I thought it would fit perfect with our representation of all things Miami.”

Do you have plans to open up another restaurant any time soon?
“We hope to have our seafood concept “The Spillover ” which is in the Grove open by the end of the summer.”

Tell us about the Brew Bus and how that works:
“It’s an educational party bus that we hope will help spread the importance of craft beer and drinking local down in South Florida.”

What do you like most about what you do?
“I love creating, I am always coming up with new ideas for restaurants and new ventures.”

What’s the most important thing in the kitchen?

Share something people probably wouldn’t know about you:
“I was voted laziest and most likely to be arrested as a senior in high school.”

(Photos by Hernan Corredor and