Haute 100 MIA Update: Watch Pharrell Perform “Freedom” For the First Time

Pharrell Williams

Just days before Pharrell Williams is slated to exclusively release his new single “Freedom” on Apple Music, the Grammy award-wining artist took to the stage at the Glastonbury Festival to perform his brand new track.

Prior to performing “Freedom,” Pharrell treated festival-goers to a heartfelt speech. He said, “Tonight I want to share something really special with you guys. It’s a song called Freedom. You see, I don’t care how much money you have in the bank account. I don’t care how rich your family is or where you come from. If you’re a human being, you need some sort of freedom. There’s always somebody in their life or something in your life trying to tear you down and tell you what you can and cannot do.”

In addition, Pharrell left a group of teenagers overwhelmed with excitement and joy after bringing them on stage during his “Happy” performance. While on stage, the Virginia native slapped high-fives with the event-goers, who seem to have mud spattered on their bodies. Pharrell also paid homage to all the pretty English girls and invited a group of young women on stage for his “She Wants To Move” performance.

 Dalai Lama attends the Glastonbury Festival.
Dalai Lama attends the Glastonbury Festival.

Other celebrities who performed at the Glastonbury Festival were the legendary Lionel Richie, Neil Diamond, Kanye West and much more. Notable festival-goers include the Dalai Lama, who attended the festival as part of a four day U.K. visit. His key themes throughout his visit will be to promote his message of compassion, non-violence and the oneness of humanity.

Watch Pharrell perform “Freedom” for the first-time ever at the Glastonbury Festival below.

(Featured photo via Glastonbury Festival)