CDFA honors Pharrell Williams with Fashion Icon Award for 2015

The CDFA Awards highlighted the true art of fashion, bringing celebrities and designers from all around the world to their red carpet, but it was Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, and producer Pharrell Williams whose fashion stole the show as he took home the CDFA Fashion Icon award for 2015.

The CDFA website states, “The Fashion Icon Award is given to an individual whose style has made a significant impact on popular culture on an international stage.”

Photo Credit: (Larry Busacca via Getty Images)Williams’ creativity made him stand out, and his choices when attending the award show where he would be honored was no different. Sporting a bright blue patent leather jacket, orange shirt with latching blue detailing, jeans, and, of course, a signature statement hat, Williams was surprisingly, and stylishly, casual.

His bright colorful ensemble wasn’t the only thing that made a splash, his heartfelt speech encouraged people to be different because “that which makes us different is what makes us special.”

BFA_12452_1541412-400x601Photo Credit: CDFA Website“It’s whenever someone encourages you for being different; they also free you from the ubiquitous nature of the matrix of opinions. It is those people who conspired to get me to this very moment,” Williams said.

Later in the beautiful speech, Williams revealed how he used DIY to make his statement fashion pieces before he could afford the designs and brands that were in style at the time and still adds DIY to personalize his outfits.

From his color palette to his signature tall hat, Williams’ has inspired people from his fellow producers and celebrities, to teenagers in high school. It is the spark in his appearance and his eloquent speech that truly embodies the real essence of the Fashion Icon Award.