An Inside Look at the New York Palace’s Extravagant Champagne Suite

The New York Palace is redefining luxury with their Champagne Suite. Here is an inside look of the Palace’s hautest room.

1340-ee05f42c6164d112b4c6104e7a793148Photo Credit: New York Palace

The beautiful suite’s color palette is inspired by the colors in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, lit beautifully by the rooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows in its Grand Parlor and the crystal pendant lighting.

545x545_774_bd8a53999ab06a4127c3110649df3f1ePhoto Credit: New York Palace

The palace isn’t just giving its guests an elegant and relaxing room to stay in and enjoy; being in the middle of the “Big Apple,” the guests receive a unique view of the city that include, but are certainly not limited to, the Empire State Building and St.Patrick’s Cathedral.

53e2f820dddaa35c30f67837_champagne-terracePhoto Credit: New York Palace

One of the greatest features of this extravagant suite is the open terrace that overlooks the city. It is perfect for a morning breakfast or a drink at sunset.