The Rekky App Answers the Question “Where Should We Go Tonight?”

DJ Harley Viera-Newton using Rekky.
DJ Harley Viera-Newton using Rekky.

It’s Friday night and it’s your turn to plan tonight’s outing. However, there is one conundrum: you have no clue where to go. Even worst, you have trust issues and while there are a number of apps and sites that “recommend” or “suggest” ideas, many of them are not well-vetted recommendations. Have no fear; a new app promises to end this horrendous experience.

Rekky is a new mobile platform that offers users insights into the trendiest places from the people whose tastes and interests they know and trust. Founded in 2014 by Muhammad Saigol, Rekky aggregates check-ins from users’ Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare accounts to provide them with venue recommendations (rekkies) sourced from their personal networks. It includes carefully handpicked lists from influential tastemakers as well as prominent personalities like DJ Harley Viera-Newton, downtown New York City chef Camille Becerra, creative collective The Misshapes (Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol) and stylish foodies Danielle and Laura Kosann (The New Potato).

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Familiar with digital innovation and the development of applications, Saigol created Rekky as a result of a personal struggle he endured trying to find haute spots.

“’Where should we go?’ A daily struggle for people looking for a restaurant, bar or activity. There was a need for a platform that would pool all your trusted resources – friends and tastemakers alike into one simple interface with honest visuals and a map. No more wasting time consulting multiple blogs/websites or sending out texts to friends for help,” he explained.


When asked how does it differ from other apps like Fever, which curate a list of events in certain cities, he replied, “Rekky is focused on venue recommendations, making it a source to find restaurants, bars, galleries and more to visit, regardless of whether there is an event happening there.” He continued, “We take the content that users are producing on other social media and repackage it in a way that makes it easy to find places to go. Additionally, Fever is only available in certain cities. Rekky is as international as its users, since we draw content from their existing social media. If our users have been there, it’s on Rekky.”

Why you should download the app?

  1. Rekky has carefully aligned itself with influential tastemakers who share the same taste as your readers and can introduce them to the kinds of quality places they would like to know about.
  2. Your audience are tastemakers themselves in their own networks. Rekky will allow them to share their knowledge and taste with others, seamlessly
  3. Rekky is great for busy people on-the-go -the map-based interface allows you to find places around you no matter where you are.

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Gone are the days you have to troll your favorite tastemakers blog or social media handles. Simply download Rekky, log in through Facebook, find friends to follow from Facebook (optional) and connect to Instagram and Foursquare (recommended). You can find additional friends and tastemakers to follow and stay abreast of their outings or you can use the discover tab to explore new trending venues. Additionally, you can follow lists curated by your favorite personality or create your own list to share and become a tastemaker in your city.

Rekky’s ultimate goal is to become your reliable “comprehensive world travel guide.”

It is currently available for IOS devices. Android users sit tight; a version is under development to be launched soon. A full web version is also in the works. IOS users can download here.