How The Airbus H160 Helicopter Will Change the Game


There’s no more fashionable way to make an entrance than in a helicopter. It’s the perfect way to inject some drama into your arrival to the next haute event. Thankfully, Airbus has introduced a new helicopter that it hopes will redefine the luxury market.

The company’s newest offering, the H160 medium-sized helicopter, boasts striking styling with smooth curves and a sleek body. A first in the industry, the helicopter also features a fully composite airframe that reduces weight without compromising safety and strength, ensuring the H160 flies as fast as it looks.


The H160 is also whisper quiet, improving on previous iterations from the brand with a newly designed rotocraft. The chopper also has no problem navigating foul weather thanks to its double-canted Fenestron tail and a biplane stabilizer. According to Airbus, the goal of creating the H160 was to “create added value for customers in terms of performance, economic competitiveness, safety and comfort.”

Finally, for all it’s power and grace, the H160 is easy on the environment thanks to its turboshaft engine that promises to reduce fuel consumption.

Watch the new helicopter in action below:

(Photo/Video Credit: Airbus)

(Via JustLuxe)