See Samsung’s Swoonworthy Line of Luxe Smartphones



We’ve seen smartphones and similar devices slowly transition from simply workman-like companions into opulent accessories, with several tech companies offering luxury versions of standard devices. We’ve already profiled one of the many luxed-up version of the Apple watch, but now it’s Samsung’s turn for a haute makeover.

Finnish-based technology accessory maker Legend is creating a dazzling line of Samsung Galaxy S6 phones in tandem with its collection of custom-made Apple products. Legend is putting full control of the design process in the hands of the customer. The company will give buyers access to a designer that will aid in creating a truly unique and personalized device. Custom logos, diamond inlays, custom laser and hand engravings and alternate materials are all available at the buyer’s disposal.


The new limited edition line of Samsung phones by Legend consists of three different designs  “Alhambra,” “Art Deco” and “Wild Thing.” Each style comes in a limited edition of 10 pieces. A “Crocodylus” version, made from premium grade crocodile leather, is also available in a limited run of 50 smartphones. The made-to-order, standard Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available in 18k gold, rose gold, 950 platinum and Rhodium plating.

Prices for Legend’s new Samsung phones start at €2,150 (around $2,300) for the standard precious metal versions, and go all the way up to € 13,000 (around $14,000) for an upcoming version with a VS1 grade diamond studded bezel that’s due out in May. Each phone is packaged in a ornate presentation box with a premium leather folder for the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

(Via Luxury Daily)