Here’s a 10-Day Luxury Tour for Introverts Only

Self-proclaimed introvert activist Lisa Avebury has launched a tour for the shy, quiet person who prefers to retreat alone rather than in a super-social setting.

The “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour,” Avebury calls it, will commence May 1 to the historical “Kingdom of Wessex” region in England. Having made her first trip to Somerset/Wessex region several years ago and has gone back regularly, Avebury hopes the retreat will foster ways to create communication, sharing and connection.

During the 10-day retreat, participants will reside in the market town of Glastonbury at the Glastonbury Abbey Retreat house. The retreat house is on 36 acres of parkland that includes the ruined Glastonbury Abbey, which was first built in the 7th Century. There will be excursions to landmarks like Stonehenge, Wells Cathedral, Bath, Uffington Castle and Stanton Drew daily. As an alternative Avebury will also offer yoga, meditation, talks and walks.

The entire tour is priced at $3,795, which includes air travel and ground transportation from Bristol to London.

On Avebury’s website,

Sacred Introvert, it reads, “In creating this first tour Lisa hopes to bring something she loves to like minded folks who may want to have a travel adventure but could not do it alone.”

Avebury, who describes herself as a “strong introvert,” understands “the special needs and perspective of the introvert and is tailoring the experience to fill those needs.”

In a press release, Avebury said, “The Sacred Introvert travel experience will provide the opportunity for quiet travelers to have their own room, yet be surrounded by like-minded people in surroundings that will refresh them. I would never want our guests to feel pressured to participate in anything, this is their time and they should spend it the way it feels right for them.”

According to Avebury, most travel tours only highlight social gatherings.Tour excursions usually include a tour guide “talking over every thought you have” and do not offer introverted individuals the opportunity to take in the experience, she explained.

Avebury was inspired to launch this tour after reading Susan Cain’s bestselling book “Quiet” and after watching Cain’s Ted Talk “The Power of Introverts.”

(Photo via TedxVienna)