Dubai: World’s Tallest Hotel Celebrates Second Anniversary

This month, the UAE’s largest five-star hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, is celebrating its second anniversary since the hotel’s opening in February 2013.

Check out the below facts that illuminate its success:

ROOMS SOLD: 572,929 with guests staying in the hotel, from 186 countries, which is the equivalent of filling 1,507 A380s with the total number of guests staying in the hotel

RESTAURANT CUSTOMERS: 1,675,952 people, which is which is the equivalent of 4,410 A380s with the total number of guests dining in our outlets

SALES TRIPS: 70 sales missions in 35 countries, visiting 65 cities. In total the sales team travelled over 1.2 million miles in the last 3 years. The distance travelled equals to flying 50 times around the globe

SITE INSPECTIONS: 4,609 site inspections. A full site inspection of the UAE’s largest hotel and World’s Tallest hotel takes 4.5 hours.

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