Music Industry Scion Samantha Marquart’s Desktop Essentials


Music is Samantha Marquart‘s life, and it always has been. Marquart is the owner of Windmark Recording, a state of the art recording studio located in Santa Monica founded by musician and former Flock of Seagulls drummer Michael Marquart (a guy who Samantha also calls “dad”). Raised in the music industry, Samantha grew up at Michael’s original studio in Virginia Beach, VA. There she was able to watch artists like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and Britney Spears record some of their most popular albums. An experienced musician herself, Samantha was always drawn to the business side of the industry. She received a degree from Pepperdine University before joining her father in the family business to run Windmark, a place where artists like Coldplay, Jeezy, J. Cole and YG have all gone to record. Their new location in Santa Monica is housed in the former studio space of legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Here is a look at this music industry legacy’s desktop essentials:

  1. A framed photo of her and her two sisters on a trip to Peru
  2. Vase filled with either fresh lilies or peonies, her favorite flowers
  3. A silver mirrored lamp
  4. An acrylic and gold stapler that she loves
  5. A selection of both trade and consumer music magazines
  6. Mini Russel + Hazel  planner