Haute 100 San Francisco: Elon Musk Inks Huge Book Deal

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SpaceX founder Elon Musk, never the stranger to lucrative deals, just inked a colossal book deal worth $3.5 million with Penguin to write about Earth and Mars. The topic itself speaks to how utterly valuable the mind of Musk is considered. People are curious in what he thinks and what he knows, and this book deal is a testament to that.

According to reports, every single publisher that Musk pitched the book to put a bid on it. That is what we call influence.

On the book, Musk says: “Half about the issues facing us on Earth, sustainability issues in particular. The second half will about the idea of a multiplanetary existence — about what’s possible, about the adventure of experience.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 3.36.45 PMClimate change isn’t going anywhere. Especially when what has historically been ground zero for movements of change, America’s youth, can’t seem to stop filtering selfies on Instagram. If you want to breathe fresh air when you’re old (and you will be) start enacting change now.

That was the message that activist Tom Steyer put down in his address to the campus community at International House’s Chevron Auditorium this past Wednesday night. Steyer spoke of climate change as being a “generation challenge” and advocated for young people to get involved by voting.

Steyer was once a hedge fund manager that then decided to leave his firm and devote his attention to political activism in 2012. He is now a leading financial contributor to the Democratic Party.

Steyer is disappointed in the dismally low level of millennial voters: “It’s not how you vote or why you vote,” he said, “it’s whether you vote.”

Steyer’s goals are admirable and truthful. He speaks out of general concern for the world that we live in: “One of the things that I take most seriously in the world is that what I’m doing has a high moral intention,” he said.

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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg unloaded a ton of shares, 22,539 to be exact, on Tuesday the 17th. The shares were valued at $76.14 netting Sanberg $1.716 million. Because of the transaction, Sandberg now owns 5,210,136 shares of the company’s stock, valued at approximately $396,699,755.04.

Stocks at Facebook are still relatively strong, marked by research firms as a share that people want to “hold.”

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