The Essential L.A. Dining Guide From the All-Star Chef Classic Founders

Krissy Lefebvre and Lucy Lean
Krissy Lefebvre and Lucy Lean

Photo Credit: Andreas Branch

From March 11-14, All-Star Chef Classic will return to L.A. Live. The only food event of its kind, All-Star Chef Classic is a four-day culinary experience showcasing some of the world’s best chefs from Nancy Silverton to Josiah Citrin to Michael Cimarusti in a state-of-the-art, stadium-style arena. In honor of the upcoming culinary occasion, we thought we’d pick the brains of event masterminds Krissy Lefebvre and Lucy Lean to find out what their favorite restaurants were in L.A. We took Petit Trois and Trois Mec—the restaurants owned by Lefebvre’s super star chef husband Ludo Lefebvre—off the table, but the ladies both managed to sneak them in anyway! Here, the forever friends share their essential guide to L.A. dining.


Lucy: My kitchen! Petit Trois.

Krissy: Mozza


Lucy: Definitely my house. Every morning I create a breakfast tray. It’s become this series I’m doing on Instagram; I’m developing it into a book. It’s all about creating a beautiful breakfast that is healthy– and the time I put it into it means I don’t eat so much.

Krissy: Sweet Butter Kitchen. It’s by our house.


Krissy: Any ice cream or gelato. Sweet Rose is amazing.  If I’m going to go out an indulge, I want ice cream.

Lucy: I love the butterscotch budino at Mozza.


Lucy: The grapefruit cosmopolitan at Katsuya [is my favorite]. I’ll even have that at lunch time!

Krissy: The cocktails at Petit Trois are fantastic. The Fleur du Male is amazing.


Krissy: Mozza

Lucy: Mozza


Krissy: Night + Market Song

Lucy: Republique


Lucy: Mozza or Providence or Melisse. Mozza is a torch for LA.

Krissy: Providence and Melisse for that fine dining—and Trois Mec!

To read more on the All-Star Chef Classic and its founders, pick up the upcoming March/April issue of Haute Living Los Angeles!