5 Apps That Make The Luxe Life Easy

luxury-lifestylePhoto Credit: Proudly EuropeEver feel like your life is so hectic that you don’t even know where to begin each day? If so, we invite you to take a look at five must-have services that can make any fast-paced lifestyle that much easier.

1.) JetSuite: For when you need a private jet on a moment’s notice… but don’t want to hand over your fortune

jetsuitePhoto Credit: ChrisCruises.com2.) The HuntFor when you see a piece a clothing you MUST HAVE, but don’t know where to get it

hunt-appPhoto Credit: Tumblr3.) OnefinestayFor when you want to see what this Airbnb thing is all about, but not gamble on quality

onefinestayPhoto Credit: trbimg.comLuxy: “Tinder is for all kinds of people, while Luxy is exclusively for the top 1% demographic.”

12Photo Credit: Googl5.) Sotheby’s Catalogue: For when you want to snag the best deal at the auction without even being there

sothebysPhoto Credit: hyperrealismpainting.blogspot.com