Looking to Treat Yourself This Holiday? Indulge in Wynn XS’s $10,000 “Ono” Signature Cocktail

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When you think of the Holiday spirit, you think of treating the ones you love, right? Not yourself, of course?

Anyone half-honest can readily admit that that isn’t fully the case. The Holidays are totally about treating yourself, too! You aren’t selfish to sit there at the office wondering about the goodies that your lover, family, and friends are going to bestow upon you. You aren’t vain to be salivating at the thought of the terrific diet abandonment that you are about to willingly experience. It’s only human. So if you are looking to really treat yourself in the spirit of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you can do no better (or more extravagant) than Wynn XS’s $10,000 “Ono” signature cocktail. Those last two zeros on that numeric value are not type-o’s either.

Some would probably feel pretty pleased with themselves in just having the ability to take $1,000 sips; a drink costing that much is surely indicative of the drinker having had a wildly sucessful 2014. But the drink is comprised of some of the tastiest and up-scale booze in the world. The “Ono” is composed of two parts. It is one part Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1981; a bottle that at the time of writing sells for about $150. And Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac; a bottle that goes (this is not a joke) $50,000.

The “Ono” is then served with men’s sterling silver cufflinks embossed with stingray and the raised XS logo and a woman’s 18K white gold chain with a black pearl pendant. Talk about treating yourself.

The “Ono” is indicative of the opulent atmosphere of Wynn XS. They don’t want guests simply to see a luxurious environment. They want guests to feel like they are in a luxurious environment. In its mixture and its presentation, the “Ono” is pure, smooth and decadent ultra-luxury seeping down your gullet with every sip.