Sony Greenlights “The Interview” for a Limited Release

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Seth Rogen
, Evan Goldberg and fans of audacious and bold comedy films everywhere can collectively sigh in relief; The Interview, the North Korea-spoofing film written by Goldberg and Rogen that was shelved after North Korean hackers threatened to bomb theaters showing the film, has been announced for a limited release on Christmas Day. The fight for creative freedom and thoughtful expression can take a breather for now.

According to TMZ, The CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema told them that a copy of the film will be delivered tomorrow, just in time for holiday laughs to escape the lunacy of your family. Only twenty theatres total will be showing the film.

“We have never given up,” said Michael Lynton, Chief Executive of Sony Pictures in a statement made to the press.

This is a somewhat happy chapter in what was initially a Sony production-worthy cinematic experience in outrageousness and scandal. It all started a few weeks ago when hacked emails from high ranking Sony employees like Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal revealed internal incompetence, tension, casual racism, and even malicious statements made about some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (the idiocy of Adam Sandler, the spoiled nature of Angelina Jolie, and so much more). It was fun at first, but then things got real.
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It had been rumored that North Korea was behind the hacks due to the lampooning of their all-knowing god Kim Jong-Un in the Sony-produced film the Interview. This was confirmed when the hackers threatened to attack theaters showing the film. Theatre owners everywhere freaked out and Sony was forced to shelve the movie. But alas, good old fashioned American courageousness has won out.

According to the New York Times, not much has been announced at how theaters will be elevating security, but there will be heightened security of some kind at most of these theaters. The aforementioned Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas has promised to serve margaritas with the film. A strong tequila buzz should hopefully alleviate any worries about the threats.

No matter what, the film and Sony will be taking a gigantic financial slap; the film was originally scheduled to be released in 2,000 theaters. This is merely a way of showing the terrorists that Americans have the freedom to laugh and to laugh at your expense. That is not a right that we are willing to give up. Especially when the laughs involve the Pineapple Express comedic dream team of Rogen and James Franco

Not all the names of the theaters have been announced, but we really hope they show the Interview at these cinemas.