Hands-On With The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton

A couple of weeks ago it was Halloween and the ghost and ghouls came out to play at Marcus. One in particular to a shine to the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton:


Now we have all heard of the term a skeleton movement meaning: A movement whose plate and bridges have been cut away to expose the wheels, leaving only the substance which the watch needs to function. The movement is placed between two sapphire crystals to be seen.


Hublot takes the skeleton idea to another level with this piece. Featuring Hublot’s five day power reserve manufacture tourbillon movement which was designed, developed and manufactured in-house. To give this skeleton movement a real gothic look the bridges of the movement have undergone a 3D laser machining process to to give it a more sculptured looked instead of the standard flat bridges, this is then turned white using electroplating and micro-blasting, which gives the movement a bone like three dimensional feel. This chilling look is finished off with a skull-shaped minute tourbillon barret.


Astonishing looks with a 45mm case that’s no exception to the fusion rule at Hublot. Obtained through a treatment of Microarc Oxidation or MAO for short, consists of a surface conversion through plasma discharge in a electrolyte bath. If you didn’t quite get that it means a layer of dense hard and adhesive ceramic is coated over the top of a aluminium case. With a hardness rating of 1000 vickers it can take a knock, with first-class resistance to corrosion and its twice as light as ceramic! For me though the coolest part is the dark mottled finish it gives the case which lends its self perfectly with the skeleton bone look movement. Also to note on this model is that for the first time in Hublot’s 34 year history they have used Roman numerals which for me was a great design choice and completes the dark, mysterious and deathly look.


This is a fun piece with a twist on the skeleton theme, with impressive looks, the case works perfectly with the bone like finish to the superb manufacture calibre. The 45mm size is comfortable for a guy or a oversized watch for a girl. There are other skull watches out their but none really capture the look and feel of a skeleton quite like this piece. Plus for the discerning collector who like something a bit different this watch for a in-house design tourbillon movement, and all the technology to give it such a cool and different look is really well priced compared to other brands with tourbillon’s that are not even produced fully in-house! So scary looks for the wrist but not for your wallet. With only 50 pieces made world wide I can’t see this staying on the shelf for long, so don’t delay or you just might get a fright.


Photo Credit: Alex Rose and Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official Hublot website.