Clive Christian “L” Perfume Arrives Exclusively at Paris Gallery

It’s not every day that master perfumer Clive Christian launches a new perfume. With “L”, Christian’s latest scent, he’s created something special from pure materials and which features Damasek Rose and Jasmine at its heart.

L Perfume 50ml



The perfume joins Christian’s “C” and his “V” Perfumes in the Private Collection, with the letter “L” taken from his name to conclude what is now a trilogy of luxury perfumes. The Private Collection consists of perfumes that are among his great personal favourites – “C” for Clive, “V” for Victoria, and now “L” for Love, being the most crucial to tie the collection together.

“L” for Women is a fruity floral perfume with classical ingredients of Damask rose and jasmine at the heart. The rose was seen as a symbol of beauty and femininity by the ancient Roman noble women; they used to wear garlands of roses around their necks, bathed in rose water and perfumed the soles of their feet with rose oil. The perfume is spiced up and modernized by the addition of pink, black and white pepper notes at the top, together with green foliage and dried fruit notes of Davana. Base notes of vanilla and cedar add a smooth sweetness, while patchouli, vetiver and musk add depth and an edgier and woody touch.

The male version of “L” is a spicy perfume composed of a smokey-green aroma of vetiver combined with cedar atlas and fir balsam to add rich sweetness. There is also some musk for sensuality and spices to bring the base notes alive and enhance the beauty of the vetiver. At the top of the traditional pyramid, grapefruit leads the way with a bright citrus note, which also livens up the natural green citrus notes, while tones of oud, rose and Petitgrain Mandarinier give it a modern and distinctive edge. During the Roman Empire, the rose was also used as a symbol of power to honor returning armies and later to perfume sophisticated celebrations.

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