The Park Avenue Armory Gala Kick-Off

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 2.13.47 PM
Dan and Nanna Stern, All photos by Melanie Einzig

Last night, Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick kicking off the Park Avenue Armory Gala. In attendance was a who’s who of philanthropic one-percenters. Hotelier Adelina Wong, Businessweek managing director David Wassong, writer Michael Gross, Warner Music Group chief operating officer Rob Wiesenthal, designer David Monn, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet choreographer Desmond Richardson all showed up to show their support. The chairs of the event are Dan Stern and his wife Nanna Stern. Their co-chairs, Ken Kuchin & Tyler Morgan, Heidi and Tom McWilliams, Susan and Eilhu Rose, and Liz and Emanuel Stern were also in attendance. The Park Avenue Armory Gala is on October 30, and you can order tickets by calling Mary Greene.