Micallef Re-Launches its Watch Fragrance and Art Collection

French artisan perfumer M.Micallef has re-launch its popular Watch fragrance with a bottle re-design. Now encapsulated within a delicate glass bottle, the perfume is now a timeless keepsake.  The brand has also launched the limited edition Art Collection 2014 which is made up of complementary duo, Puzzle N°1 and Puzzle N°2.



We love Micallef’s new Art Collection. The Puzzle Collection offers a sensual summer blend of both charm and seduction, with multi–faceted addictive notes. For Puzzle N°1, the wearer can delight in soft and delicate Peach, Jasmine and Tonka Beans which contrast sweetly against Puzzle N°2’s more carnal aromas of grapefruit, patchouli and white musk.

The dual scents were created by Geoffrey Nejman and Jean Claude Astieroffer. They offer a strikingly bold juxtaposition – as artistic as their namesake.

For more information, visit www.mmicallef.com