Chaumet Boutique Facade at The Dubai Gets Redesign by Jean-Michel Wilmonte

The Chaumet boutique façade at The Dubai Mall has been entirely redesigned by the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

Chaumet-0250 final



The French architect, who is in charge of the worldwide Chaumet boutique concept, faced the challenge when it came to The Dubai Mall store facade of incorporating transparency without compromising on the brand’s iconic aesthetic. Such is found in the blue glass and the geometric pattering composed of rectangles.

In the new facade, the geometric patterning has been increased and has resulted in the creation of boxes whose front and back panels are transparent and attached to each other by a fine metal structure. In other Chaumet boutiques the blue glass is usually surfaced-mounted and used to fill directly into these boxes so that a kinetic effect is created when the customer approaches the store. But even with such transparency, the customer’s privacy is preserved through making the display cases’ background opaque. These two design aspects allows the store to be more open from the outside, inviting passers-by to step inside to discover the displayed collections, while also providing a significant flow of inward light.

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