Argentinian Noma And Viajante Trained Chef, Javier Rodriguez, Returns To London

Stuck for something to do this Saturday? Make for Marylebone where prestigious Argentine chef, Javier Rodriguez (El Papagayo), is concluding his two week residency at the ground floor restaurant at Carousel – a new three-story interactive and immersive space that plays host to resident chef’s and pop-up guest’s’ unique adventures in flavour, design, performance and music.

Born and raised in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Javier’’s rise to the top of his game can be attributed to three things: creativity, curiosity and itchy feet. His insatiable appetite for travel is central to Javier’’s style of cooking, with every stop on his round-the-world trip adding to his eclectic kitchen philosophy: Noma in Copenhagen, Tetsuyas in Sydney, Restaurant Andre in Singapore, Viajante in London, La Gloria in Lima…



Javier is the first chef in Carousel’’s exciting line-up of international residencies, bringing with him a trunkful of ceramic plates, hand-crafted especially for his W1 stint, and a unique take on modern Argentine cooking, featuring dishes such as Rockmelon and sobrasada, Crispy leeks and provolone, Pork skin, Quince aioli, Smoked pimentón and roasted pinenutsSteamed eggplant, Grilled anchovies and Lemon chimichurri on toastCow fat breadCharred corn custard, Cock’s comb muesli and Chañar brown butter.

Javier Rodriguez will return home in September to focus on the reopening of El Papagayo in Córdoba.