6 Pocket Squares For Fall’s Sharp-Dressed Man

As we move into fall, its time to bring out those jackets and suits out of hibernation. This time around, why not add a little spice to your style? Enter the classic pocket square, which has been having a bit of a renaissance among the dapper set.

Here are this falls six hottest pocket squares:

Carre Cube, Hermès, $180

Hermes pocket square

Add an elegant accessory to your formal attire with this lavishly lined pocket square.


Silk-Twill Pocket Square, Gray, Salvatore Ferragamo, $120
Salvatore Ferragamo Pocket Square

A neutral color is a must-have when it comes to pocket squares. From a navy blazer to a red blazer, don’t be afraid to combine colors.


Checked Silk Pocket SquareAlexander Mcqueen, $160

Alexander Mcqueen Pocket Square

Beautifully crafted in Italy, this extra-delicate silk pocket square is woven with a smooth black, matte gold and white check print.


Printed Silk Pocket Square, Dolce & Gabbana, $145

Dolce & Gabbana Pocket Squares

Add some playfulness to enhance formal outfits with a small detail, such as this pure silk pocket square.


Dashline Woven Silk and Wool-Blend Pocket SquareMarwood, $95

Marwood Pocket Square


Manufactured from fine English cloth, this silk and wool-blend pocket square is woven with a pink, blue and forest-green fabric.


Pinwheel print cotton pocket square, Gucci, $130

Gucci Pocket Square

With a choice of blue or red this pocket square is sure to add a dash of style to a stylish modern suit or a more classic one with this pinwheel print pocket square.