Art Talk: Shepard Fairey and Hennessy V.S. Collaborate



In a world where art and collaborations are both so prevalent and relevant, Haute Living took the opportunity to sit down with one of today’s most important street artists, Shepard Fairey. Fairey just launched a limited edition bottle with Hennessy V.S.

Last week in Wynwood at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, Miami’s top editors sat down with Shepard for round table discussion, where we were all given the opportunity to ask this ‘it’ artist about his collaboration with Hennessy, a street/graphic artists dream.

With only 350,000 bottles available, Shepard explained that the bottle he designed was:

“an ever-expanding quilt, a mosaic of my graphic language. When I worked on this project I looked at my history as an artist and graphic designer. I also researched their labels and the quality of their liquor. It was warm. Then I saw where it crossed over. Peace, harmony and elegance mixed with my color pallet. I converged all of these feelings, emotions and facts to create a strong label for my client, but with my art side.”

He also shared that he truly enjoyed the nearly four-year long project because Hennessy did not simply look at the latest trends in art and he appreciated their “harmonious equitable way of working with people.”


Fairey and Hennessy celebrated the limited edition launch with local Miami-ans. Following the round table discussion, a private signing was held at Brisk Gallery were hundreds of fans gathered to get their limited edition bottles signed. As guest entered the gallery they were met with visually stunning blown up photos of Shepard in Cognac, France, case displays and tunes by Mr. Feathers

To end the day Shepard turned from contemporary artist to DJ, spinning a special set at the after party for the Limited Edition launch at Wynwood Walls. Guests including local artist David Anasagasti, radio personalities K. Foxx & Miss Kimmy, and uber producers Cool & Dre enjoyed the merge of art and music, the spicy “Revolution” Hennessy cocktail inspired by Shepard and additional sounds by M2G | 2DJs1Violin.