Billionaire Heiress Petra Ecclestone Stunt’s ‘Manor’ Touts a $150 Million Price Tag

Formula One princess Petra Ecclestone Stunt, daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, has quietly put her Holmby Hills mansion—known as “The Manor”—on the market for $150 million: nearly double what she shelled out for it just three years ago ($85 million).

Petra Ecclestone – The Manor

Previously owned by Aaron Spelling—a.k.a. the most prolific TV writer of all time—the mammoth residence has a whopping 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms and sits on a shockingly small swath of 4.7 acres (petite relative to the size of the 56,500-square-foot structure, that is).

Under the Spellings’ ownership, the grand abode—which happens to be 1,500 square feet larger than the White House, and is easily the biggest home in Los Angeles county—famously boasted a hair salon, multiple gift-wrapping rooms, and a bowling alley.

Petra Ecclestone – The Manor

Petra Ecclestone – The Manor

Petra Ecclestone – The Manor

The 25-year-old British model has since given the property a complete facelift, employing designer/builder Gavin Brodin to style its gigantic interior. Stunt quickly replaced the Spelling’s dated European furnishings with far more youthful (and bizarre) furniture and decor pieces, including a Marc Quinn sculpture of twin Pamela Andersons in bikinis, a coat of arms designed by her decorator, and a gargantuan tank filled with tropical fish.

The eclectic fashionista also installed a spa complete with a massage parlor, three hair stations, and two mani-pedi chairs, and transformed her basement into a nightclub-type space. Not surprisingly, it took a jaw-dropping 500 workers to bring her design vision—conceptualized within just three weeks, and fully installed within nine—to life.

Petra Ecclestone – The Manor

Photos and details courtesy of the LA Times and Curbed