Jeff Koons Exhibits ‘A Retrospective’ Collection at the Whitney Museum

Jeff-KoonsPhoto Credit: Indechs

Jeff Koons will take his latest artistic masterpieces, a whimsical collection titled “A Retrospective,” to the Whitney Museum of American Art this Friday. From June 27 to October 19, Koons will occupy the contemporary museum with his oversized toylike sculptures and other works. In 2015, the collection will move to a Renzo Piano-designed building.

“A Retrospective” is Koons’ most comprehensive collection and covers his three-decade career; the 120 works include balloon dogs made of polished steel, basketballs suspended in water tanks, scandalous paintings from his “Made in Heaven” series, granite pieces, and more.

Head over to the Whitney this Friday and experience Jeff Koons’ highly-anticipated collection!