Haute 100 NY Update: Jeff Koons Designs $20K Dom Pérignon Bottle

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons just designed a $20,000 limited-edition Dom Pérignon bottle to give faithful fans a chance to own his lauded work. Ensconced in a two-foot mini version of his luscious polyurethane resin Balloon Venus sculpture in Gagosian Gallery, a Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003 stands proud.

“Its colour is deep, with light amber and copper tints. The wine’s bouquet erupts theatrically from its silken fleshy body, just as the sculpture’s reflective surface envelop the viewing in a dynamic invitation to tasting,” explained the champagne brand about the newly released rosé.

But just like his art, the limited-edition bottle will only be on display for a little while- that is, until the few hundred “The Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon” sell out. If the price seems steep, remember that Koons’s Tulips sold for $33 million to hotelier Steve Wynn at Christie‘s last year, the world auction record for the largest amount paid for a work by a living artist. What better combination than champagne and art?

Photo Credit: LA Times