What’s On My Desk: Napa Valley Wine Train Proprietor Kira Devitt

Kira Devitt

Ever wonder what the most powerful leaders, business execs and celebrities keep on their desks? Well, we’re about to tell you. Our biweekly “What’s on My Desk” feature will take a look inside the offices and at the desks of the world’s most influential power players.

This week we are featuring Kira Devitt, the Proprietor and Director of Marketing for the Napa Valley Wine Train, which is one of the few active historic passenger railroads in the United States. This beautiful train ride offers a memorable wine country experience that echoes the glory days of train travel, with fine dining service, multi-course meals cooked to order and the scenery of the Napa Valley. This experience is ultimate relaxation aboard exquisitely restored antique rail cars. The Napa Valley Wine Train, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, features vintage Pullman rail cars faithfully restored with Honduran mahogany paneling, brass accents, etched glass partitions and luxurious armchairs that evoke the spirit of luxury rail travel at the beginning of the 20th century.

As luck would have it, Kira also happens to be the granddaughter of Vincent DeDomenico, inventor of Rice-A-Roni and former owner of Ghirardelli Chocolate and Golden Grain Pasta. Let’s take a look at what Kira keeps nearby to keep everything rolling smoothly.


1.       Photo of Me Skydiving: My desktop background is set to photo of me skydiving, to remind me of my weekend adventures and to help me keep life in balance.

2.       Model of the Wine Train: I keep a model of the Wine Train on my desk along with my collection of our Winery Trip pins that I’ve accumulated from growing up around this Train that my grandfather founded. I remember having Thanksgiving dinners in the Deli Car which was attached just for our family. I have been on board more times than I can count.

3.       Essential Coffee Mug: I have found keeping a coffee cup within my reach is essential to facilitate quick and convenient coffee procurement. Something I’m sure my staff appreciates. Unless I have too much and have to use the office hula hoop to burn it off.

4.       Conductor’s Cap: I keep the conductor’s cap handy in case I or someone in the office needs a thinking cap to get the creative juices flowing.

5.       Positive Post-Its: On the wall behind my desk, I have all of the Post-Its my staff placed on my computer and around the office as an April Fools Day Prank. They are filled with positive words like “Super Awesome Boss Lady” and “Amazing,” and led to a scavenger hunt that ended with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sweetest prank ever.

6.       Family Photo: I also have a photo with my husband which was taken in the Wine Train Vista Dome, because it’s silly and I like that.

7.       Wine: And, of course, office wine because this is Napa Valley.

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