Fiore Rosso Introduces its Cool & Chic Summer Line

High-end furniture retailer Fiore Rosso introduces its 2014 summer collection, a line of luxury furnishings defined by cool hues and a modern vibe.

Dynasty Coffee Set-5580 AED

Manufactured in Germany, the company’s products–which promise ultimate levels of comfort–are fashioned with high-quality PE rattan wicker and waterproof fabrics, in order to ensure durability and longevity.

Derek Lounge-20550 AED

Priced at AED 20,550, this stylish, brown-and-cream Derek Lounge Set–which comes with a chic wicker center table–is ideal for those hoping to relish pleasant summer morns outdoors, relaxing alongside friends and family.

Bafta Living Set-17500 AED

This five-seater Brafta Living Set adds a cool touch to warm afternoons. Presented in soft shades of white and beige, the sofa-set-and-duo-table combination is priced at AED 17,500.

Taurus Rocking Chair  8100 AED

This tranquil, powder blue Taurus Rocking Chair is perfect for sitting outside with a good book on a nice afternoon, out on the veranda.

Nautica Dining Set-22480 AED

Photos and details courtesy of Fiore Rosso.