Out with Alisa: Chic Celebrations in Cannes & Monaco


The Cannes Film Festival began with Len Blavatnik’s boat party on Friday night. On Saturday, I went to Gianni Pigozzi’s annual luncheon at his Cap Antibes home next to Hotel Du Cap Eden Rog where I spotted Mick Jagger, Diane von Furstenberg, Adrian Brody and Leonardo DiCaprio. Later that night, Chopard threw a party.

The following day, everybody went to the Vanity Fair party hosted by Harvey Weinstein. The next day, Denise Rich gave her annual luncheon on her boat and Philip Green hosted a boat party on his “Lionheart” boat. On Tuesday night, I went to a party hosted by of my dear friend, Fawaz Grousi. This marks the 8th year I went to De Grisogono’s jewelry party, which was held in my favorite hotel, Hotel Du Cap Eden Rog. After enjoying a seated dinner for 800 people, we were treated to performances by Sheryl Cole, Black Eye Peas, Jason Derulo and Pharrell Williams. Notable guests included Sharon Stone, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Antonio Banderas, Rosario Dawson, Eva Cavalli, Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Cara Delevigne, Amber Hearst, Adrien Brody, Justin Beeber and Leonardo Di Caprio.

The next day, everyone gathered for the Cavalli party on Eva Cavalli’s boat followed by my favorite black tie Amfar party, where all the women get glam up and dress for the big event. The event raised 38 millions to fight AIDS. Len Blavatnik bought the famous Damien Hearst statue.

On Friday, everybody moved to Monaco for the Grand Prix. I went on the owners of Grand Prix, Donald Mackenzi and Bernie Eccselstone, “Nirvana” boat. Their boat is located right in the middle of port and has the best views of the Grand Prix. We enjoyed a 25-person seated dinner on board of “Nirana” with board members from the Grand Prix.

On Saturday night, Naomi Campbell celebrated her birthday with a party thrown by Flavio Briatore, the owner of Billionaire, and his beautiful wife Elisabetta. Guests included Janni Pigozzi, Fawaz Gruosi, Guiseppe Cipriani, Eva Cavali, Denise Rich, Donald Mackenzi and Leonardo DiCaprio. The highlight of the birthday was when the DJ played a famous humming song from the movie “Wolves of Wall Street” and everybody was doing chest beating moves including Leo! Everybody danced until 6 AM. Sunday night we had quite the dinner at Cipriani restaurant in Monaco with Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta, Guiseppe Cipriani, Victoria Siverstead and close friends. After a busy week, it was time to go back home!