Haute 100 LA Update: Brian Grazer & Ron Howard Launch Digital Studio New Form

Photo Credit: Invision by the Associated Press – Jordan Strauss
Photo Credit: Invision by the Associated Press – Jordan Strauss

As the founders of the production company Imagine Entertainment, it should go without saying that Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are constantly coming up with new and unusual ideas for filmed productions.

Their latest idea follows that innovative trend, as the men are teaming up with Discovering Communications to launch the digital studio New Form.

Running their new studio will be Kathleen Grace, the former head of creative development at YouTube Space LA, who will make scripted programming for Discovery’s online networks.

Grazer and Howard will have limited involvement in the studio, which will reportedly receive less than $5 million a year in funding.

“We’re super excited about exploring this new world,” Grazer told the New York Times. “We intend to participate to the extent that we can.”

He added: “We want to connect with a scalable amount of people and have an impact on the culture.”  

New Form is being created for the purpose of reaching out to a younger generation of viewers who are gravitating to YouTube for innovative programming. It will seek to go beyond the traditional molds of viewership to create its content.

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