The Best Antique and Mod Looks in Miami Available at De Ja Vu Furniture

What do you get when you merge two men, one was a major celebrity publicist and the other a very tasteful retired real estate agent/model…. Drum roll please…. You get De Ja Vu Décor by Todd W.G. Corder.

tod n b
Todd W.G. Corder (L) and Brian Long (R) in front of Todd’s De Ja Vu Furniture

Located in Midtown, strategically between the Design District and Wynwood, De Ja Vu is a haven for antique furniture and certainly has something for everybody’s taste and budget. With a high volume of inventory moving in and out, Brian’s De Ja Vu, Mr. Corder and his husband Brian Long tell me “we just sold a Pierre Cardin circular couch, we get so many rare and incredible pieces of furniture that come from around the world. We just moved in to this space because our previous location was too small, this holds everything, like these rare, extremely valuable and collectible James Mont lamps.”

The Highly Collectible James Mont Lamp (L). There are only 12-Sets in the World!

De Ja Vu’s inventory comes from all over the world and I could not suggest any more that you take some time to check out this venue full of housewares from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. To get a visual of what exists, think Bardot, Stache and Cafeina. De Ja Vu also has had numerous pieces in Iron Man 3, Mad Men, Magic City, Silver Linings Play Book (just to name a few). Brian and Todd have also used their merchandise while working on commercial print projects like Nesspresso and Jet Blue. Todd also just shot episodes on DIY and HGTV.

A refurbished chair in….. CHANEL!
Look at those lines!

With their extensive contacts globally (and believe me, there is no shortage of true friends who are major A-listers), they tell me “we rotate our artists monthly in our gallery as well as have our permanent collection. Since Basel we have had Kink by MIA Tyler.”

145 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127
(305) 972-8200