Haute Event: Da Vinci The Exhibition Opens at the Venetian

All photos by Edison Graff/Stardust Fallout
All photos by Edison Graff/Stardust Fallout

Imagine Exhibitions Gallery presents Da Vinci The Exhibition, a comprehensive and interactive look at the brilliance of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci at the Venetan. Featuring more than 65 fully built, life-size inventions, more than 20 fine art studies and dozens of stunning displays, guests will learn the complex beginnings and lifetime achievements of da Vinci through his discoveries in art, engineering, flight, hydraulics, music, light, anatomy and more.

Throughout the exhibition’s six themed galleries, visitors will discover the breadth and scope of da Vinci’s incredibly advanced understanding of science, mathematics, nature, and the relationship between the three. The artist’s intricate designs and extraordinary early concepts are spotlighted, including his ideas for the helicopter, military tank, SCUBA, crane, clock, submarine, hang glider and plan for a modern city. Additionally, various multimedia and documentary presentations throughout the experience provide a multitude of supplementary information on da Vinci’s discoveries and creative process.

In addition to da Vinci’s role as an inventor, Da Vinci The Exhibition investigates a collection of da Vinci’s most renowned paintings, including some controversial works traditionally attributed to him, but not yet authenticated. Guests will have the opportunity to thoroughly study the artistic mastery behind such works as “Mona Lisa,” “The Last Supper,” “Portrait of a Young Man,” “Virgin of the Rocks,” “St. John the Baptist” and more.

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