Seasalt & Pepper Hosts Buddah-barÔ Pop Up

Stephane Dupoux & Tarja Visan01

Last week, hot new waterfront dining destination Seasalt & Pepper hosted a one-day Buddha-barÔ pop up party at the restaurant. The experience included a menu of Buddha-BarÔ’s greatest hits by their Executive Chef Eric Rousselieres including spicy tuna tacos, Thai green papaya mango salad, and crispy sea bass with oyster mushrooms in ponzu glaze, coconut cake with ginger and pear sorbet.

The famous ambient music matched the vibe too. D.J. Ravin played a set with an international touch and ethnic vibes mirroring the acclaimed Buddha-BarÔ music which has been immortalized on fourteen different best-selling compilation albums.

The marriage of the Seasalt and Pepper and Buddha-barÔ brands is a sensible proposition. Stephane Dupoux, the creator and co-owner of Seasalt and Pepper, is also credited with developing Buddha-barÔ in New York as well as few of its resort locations. “For a sexy city like Miami, only a sexy brand would do. Buddha-barÔ holds a certain mystique for so many and is, no doubt, one of the most successful hospitality brands on a global level,” says Dupoux. “We wanted to share this unique opportunity with Miami, a destination that has not yet experience this unprecedented brand.”

VIP guests included Tarja Visan, Franck FortetDebi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos, Celebrity Chefs Lorena Garcia and Art Smith, Belkys Nerey,  Arantxa Sánchez Vicario,  Louis-Fabrice Latour, and Benny Shabtai.