Mama Mia: Debi Mazar



Yes, you know her from Entourage. But actress Debi Mazar, who has a 30-year career that began with appearances in Madonna’s videos and supporting roles in blockbusters like Goodfellas, finally has the spotlight squarely on her in her Cooking Channel series Extra Virgin. Starring alongside her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, the two offer viewers a glimpse into their life as they settle into their new home in Brooklyn, New York, not far from where Mazar grew up. Debi and Gabriele will be in town to host the sold out “Bold Italian Dinner” with Scott Conant and Amanda Freitag at Scarpetta for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

6:00a.m. Gabriele brings up a Bialetti Moka Pot of espresso every moring and we have a cup in bed together. We need that first cup down the hatch before we’re ready to wake up the kids. Afterwards, I read the newspapers on my iPad in bed while I have the second cup.

7:00a.m. My husband bakes Tuscan bread every day, so I have toast for breakfast with my daughter. He goes outside and has a cigarette, which is basically his breakfast because he’s Italian.

8:00a.m. We walk the kids to school, come back and have another cup of coffee. If I’m feeling really inspired, I’ll get down my juicer and pump out some kale, carrot-beet-juice.

9:00a.m. I have a big American Bulldog/ Bull Terrier mix named Lampo, so sometimes I’ll take him for a run in the park. Otherwise I’ll hit a Pilates class, or the treadmill in the basement. I’m trying to get back into exercising.

10:00a.m. Every day is different. Tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane to do a table reading for Entourage in LA, but normally I might run into Manhattan for meetings. If I can, I like to take the subway and see people, the motion of the city, the rhythm.

12:00p.m. Sometimes I’ll get to meet my husband for lunch in the city, which is our date time.

2:30p.m. I have to be back in Brooklyn to pick up my daughters and take them to ballet. I’m a human taxi now.

5:00p.m. We start cooking dinner, which we do together every single night just like on the show. My house smells like heaven when he starts his big red sauce with pancetta. He’ll slow roast some ribs with lemon zest and I’ll make a big salad.

6:30p.m. We sit down and enjoy Gabriele’s cooking, which rocks. I also like that he doesn’t dump a ton of butter and salt in there. I’m a curvy girl and I gain weight just looking at a bag of cookies. Right now he’s making a fresh carrot cake with blanched almonds with my little daughter.

9:00p.m. After we do the dishes together and have bath time, we sit down together. I  have a glass of wine and he drinks a beer. Then we get in bed and watch our shows and repeat it all 8 hours later!