At Long Last Miami, Laduree Has Arrived

Boite Miami 6 macarons-HD (2)[1]No matter where in the world you may be galavanting, when you see that sea foam Celadon awning, you may notice a huge line around the block, with some patrons like myself, with knees locked out of excitement, in anticipation for macaron’s. Not coconut macaroons, but Maison Laduree’s French delights that are about the size of a quarter, and once they hit the tounge, evoke a feeling that is indescribable.

Laduree has just opened in Miami this week, and I trust you will stop by and see the global love for this sweet treat. I recommend the Orange Blossom and the Rose. Wait and watch as flavors of the Middle East will be sure to elegantly explode on your taste buds.


Laduree Miami

1118 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL 33139