A Global A-list Gathers for David Aaron’s Born Again Baldwins Private Dinner then Concert at Bardot

On Sunday evening in Miami, one of Miami’s most eligible, yet under the radar bachelors, Mr. David Aaron, gathered fifty of his closest friends and a-list relatives for a surprise evening that included a surprise dinner for a select few, followed by a concert by his band, the Born Again Baldwins.

A few weeks ago, I received an email with details of a dinner; undisclosed location included. I immediately rsvp’d: yes. I am a rebel, so why not. I arrived, and was among the list of David’s chosen ones, that included one of America’s biggest Haute Couture buyer’s Michele Herbert, Denise Rich, Marcella and Daniel Novela, Sarah Mirmelli, Ashley Turchin, Lauren Gnazzo, Sarah Arison with her beautiful mother Giselle, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Billy Duffy of the Cult, Dirk de Souza, Jilian Sanz, Sharon Aluma, One Model Management’s Scott Lipps, Daniella Rich Kilstock, Richard Kilstock and Archie Drury.

Every guest was asked to meet at the parking lot behind Bardot in Midtown. Once we all arrived, we boarded a school bus. Yes, it was VERY public school, however, it became designer with all of the notables on board. The bus driver took us to Wynwood Walls, where we were escorted to the Peter Tunney Gallery for a dinner, catered by Pubbelly Sushi and very special signature cocktail punch by Broken Shaker. Lots of laughs and a few hours later, we boarded le bus and headed back to Bardot for the Born Again Baldwins concert. That was more of a public soiree.

Born Again Baldwins, established in 2007, had the original intent to play for one night only. David Aaron tells me “the crowd responded so well that, even though we weren’t terribly good at the time, we found ourselves being called to play parties, restaurant, nightclub and event space openings. Our appeal was a fun show, a unique approach to covers and a well heeled, well known and eclectic crowd. As the years and the shows carried on we improved by accident. We’d rehearse for each show and would try out new arrangements and songs until we curated an experience that found the right response from the crowds. We have a few special guests at each show.” Boy is that true. I definitely did not expect to be among Denise Rich, who the last time I saw, I was sitting across from her in Paris at the Givenchy Runway show when I was a little fancy lady, but hey, that’s David’s auntie, so….. yes.

BAB has played at legendary rock venues such as Don Hill’s in NYC, The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, The ArchAngel in London and The Zone in Tel Aviv, and the band members include: David Aaron, Richard Kilstock, Jonathan Steinberger, Josh Strauss, Gideon Blumenthal, Douglas Wurtz and Loren Herbert.

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