David Beckham Announces He Will Own, Run Major League Soccer Team In Miami At PAMM


David Beckham gave a press conference with Miami-Dade mayor Carlos A. Giminez and M.L.S. commissioner, Don Garber. Beckham confirmed that Miami is going to be the home of a Major League Soccer team that he will own (along with as-yet unnamed partners) and run.

To assuage fears of another Marlins-style public funding plea, Beckham said, “We don’t want public funding. We will fund the stadium ourselves, a lot of great people want to invest in this team and this club.” Onlookers cheered.

But aside from assurances from self-funding, there were no more details given other than a hint the team might be coming in 2016 or 2017. Sill, Beckham was all smiles saying, “This is an exciting time for myself, for my family and friends,”

And an exciting time for Miami, which on the whole is thrilled to be getting a lot more of Beckham. No doubt it will be good for all kinds of businesses in the Magic City. We’ll just dub it “The Beckham Effect.” 

 Photos by World Red Eye