Yolanda Foster’s Real Haute Schedule

photograph by jim jordan

In reality, Yolanda Foster is one very busy woman. These days everything is a balancing act for the former model. The Dutch-born beauty juggles starring on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, mothering three teenage girls, keeping her marriage to music mogul David Foster fresh, maintaining her various philanthropic commitments and developing her Hopelessly Romantic brand. Foster, who turned 50 this month, is also celebrating life, though she has been battling Neurological Lyme Disease for the past 18 months. Here, the TV star discusses how she’s keeping healthy, keeping busy and keeping things real this new year.

6 AM My alarm goes off to wake up my son, Anwar, for school. My favorite thing is to sneak in his bed and snuggle for a couple of minutes before his day starts.

6:30 AM I like to start my day with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice. Our breakfast consists of a different grain every morning like oatmeal, buckwheat, or millet with a fruit compote boiled in water. Once he is off to school, I take about 20 different herbal drops and vitamins with a glass of natural papaya juice, as I am still rebuilding my immune system from my battle with Lyme disease.

7 AM My first call of the day is to my oldest daughter, Gigi, who has just moved to New York. I like to get the house organized and ready for the film crews that are coming to the house that day in order to prepare my workday.

7:30 AM I wake up my daughter, Bella, and bring my husband, David, breakfast in bed, which is our little daily ritual together; we connect for a minute before he leaves for the studio.

8 AM I do a very light workout on the Power Plate pro 7 to keep muscle tone, as I don’t have my full strength back yet. I love this machine!

9 AM Quick morning shower incorporating my favorite products: a skincare line from Kaplan MD of Beverly Hills, Aroma Therapy body wash and Paul Mitchell hair care products.

10 AM I usually work in my home office, where I plan upcoming shoots for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and see to the development of my company, Hopelessly Romantic. While working, I try to drink at least four cups of herbal teas land three large bottles of Aqua Hydrate water.

12 PM When lunchtime hits, I’ll eat a raw salad and steamed veggies with extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic vinegar that I buy at our local farmers market, Rosemary Olive Oil, and Leonardo and Roberto’s Gourmet Blend. Also, I have a splash of lemon from my own lemon trees.

2 PM Snack time! I prefer healthy snacks like half of an avocado with lemon juice and some raw cashews with Brazil nuts on the side. Another option is Kind bars — almond and coconut are my favorites. When I am out, I always carry a variation of raw nuts in my purse to snack on during the day.

6 PM During the week I try to be very strict about sticking to our family dinner, as it is really important to me to connect with the children. We share our experiences of the day and love to discuss different subjects. I try to cook light and healthy meals such as quinoa pasta, salads and lots of veggies.

7 PM David and I either attend to our various social commitments or just stay home. My favorite time of year is when we watch films (screeners) for the Academy Awards with a big bag of popcorn and vote for our favorite movies.

9:30 – 11 PM Before I go to sleep, I love to take a hot bath with salts and baking soda. At bedtime, I always try to create a relaxing and romantic ambiance in my bedroom before I snuggle up with my love in our favorite place in the world.

Photography by: Jim Jordan.