Swarovski Pedicure? Yes, It Exists! ONLY at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach

When one thinks Swarovski, they think of the obvious: bejeweled accessories, crystal, crystal and more crystal! After all, it is all about the crystal. Now you can take the bejeweling trend that does not seem to go away to the next level. Bejewel the nails! Yes, I swear. And I decided to try it at the ONLY place it is available in Miami, of course, at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Lapis Spa. The Fontainebleau is always one step ahead.

Last week I went in to see what this new service is all about, and I walked out two hours later, gleaming. Literally.

So, this pedicure, as listed above takes two hours but is well worth your time if you are into nail art or if you have that special occasion coming up. Here is how it works. You are greeted by the beautiful Leymi, who takes you to the Vinylux nail polish selection to choose your base color. With this service you have only four colors of crystals to choose from: red, blue, silver or gold. Then you are escorted to the area where the experience begins. A treatment using Moroccan Oil will prepare your nails, yet allow you to experience a classic pedi, followed by Leymi (she is the only manicurist who performs this service, so if you book, please ask for her) hand placing each crystal on top of the base coat of your choice. I decided to channel my inner wild side and go blue.


During the pedicure, aside from sipping Green Tea, I spoke with Leymi who explained that she “started in the beginning of December and was self trained through research on Google. I learned what worked best, what lasted longer and what works for the clients.” Well done Leymi. One week later, my pedi is still in nearly perfect condition!



Fontainebleau Hotel


The price of the Swarovski Pedicure is $200.