Quenching Your Thirst: VOSS Fresh Water Delivery

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VOSS, one of the world’s premium water brands, has joined forces with the BinHendi Group, one of Middle East’s most successful retail conglomerates to deliver water from Norway straight to your door.


There’s a lot of talk recently about the water you drink, how pure it is and what are the best brands. VOSS boasts water directly from a spring in a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway, where it is bottled and confined to an aquifer deep beneath the earth. What’s more is that the bottle, designed by Neil Kraft, former Creative Director for Calvin Klein, promises a pristine natural condition protected from the source to the bottle.

VOSS is now available for home delivery in the UAE and offers a selection of different types and bottle sizes of water from still to sparkling. Used across the world by celebrities and chefs, the water is some of the freshest you can get and the bottles are stunningly designed and can be easily reused for a number of different purposes.


For further information or to order please visit www.vosswater.ae or via email at voss@binhendi.com. Tel: +971 43846797