A Legendary American Label: Halston Heritage Arrives in Dubai


Founded in the 60s, Roy Halston Frowick is known as one of the first creator’s of luxury American fashion. He is famous for his innovation in millinery and his signature use of materials of jersey, cashmere and suede to reinvent traditional styles such as the jumpsuit and classic caftan. Known as the father of minimalism, Halston’s paired-down silhouettes emphasize flow and movement through simple and elegant lines. His designs evoke a pivotal moment in American fashion – when decadence and nightlife-performance days of Studio 54 constantly intertwined. This legendary American brand will soon be opening its first store in the UAE in February.


The store will open with the the brand’s Pre-Spring collection, while the Spring collection will arrive towards the end of March. The former was inspired by Martha Gellhorn and her time in Key West. The collection features below the knee skirts, slim ankle pants and tucked-in blouses recalling a 40’s-inspired silhouette, while cargo pockets throughout evoke the utilitarian feel of the era. The shirtdress is the focal point of the collection, blending the iconic Halston silhouette with the 40s aesthetic. Materials used include ultrasuede, washed silk, supple knits, jacquards and eyelet embroidery offer a range of luxurious textures.




For more information visit www.halston.com