Fashion Meets Rock Music with New David Bowie Designs

Judith Milgrom, fashion designer of the French trendy brand Maje, recently got inspired by one of the greatest rock icons of our time—the one and only David Bowie. Her collection includes black tee shirts with short mesh sleeves, boyish white sweaters with androgynous cuts, and an overall quirky and crazy style. This capsule collection is only available in a very small amount and for a limited time. From now on, fashionistas from all over the world will be proudly show David Bowie’s face on their clothes this winter.

Saskia De Braw, the new muse of the brand, is also known for having played a small role in one of Bowie’s videoclips: The Stars (are out tonight). Call it pure coincidence or real buzz, but David Bowie’s new album is expected out soon, as well as the first retrospective dedicated to the rock star “David Bowie is” at the Victoria & Albert Museum of London.