St. Regis Atlanta Debuts $1200 Taste of Rare Cognac


Guests at The St. Regis Atlanta are among the first lucky patrons to taste the highly coveted LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42, 6 which was  hand-delivered to the hotel by Rémy Cointreau USA Vice President of Prestige Brands Yves de Launay, fittingly in a 1935 Duesenberg convertible, which originally belonged to the late Madeline Astor, wife of St. Regis founder John Jacob Astor IV.

LOUIS XII RARE CASK was discovered by the gifted Cellar Master, Pierette Trichet and is only the second unique barrel to be discovered in the venerable Cognac’s 140 year history. This exceptional tiercon contained only enough cognac to produce 738 decanters.Each of the iconic black decanters were created exclusively by Baccarat and have unique numbers from 001 to 738.

The rare blend offers an exquisite taste profile featuring an incredible richness and aromatic intensity, and an alcoholic strength of 42.6 percent alcohol by volume, slightly higher than the 40 percent of classic Louis XIII. Alongside those autumn aromas, Remy Martin’s iconic LOUIS XIII Rare CASK 42,6 declares its distinction with notes of plum and date, mingling with flavors of gingerbread and prune stone, punctuated by a final touch of tobacco leaf.

A tasting of RARE CASK 42,6 will be available at the hotel’s iconic St. Regis Bar, and will be available to patrons in different-sized pours starting at $1,200 for a 1/2 ounce.

Decanters of LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42,6 will be priced at approximately $22,000 retail (excluding sales tax). For more information visit