Louis Vuitton’s Iconic Collaboration with Charlotte Perriand at the Raleigh Hotel

You know that Art Basel is officially here when you see extremely well dressed, tailored people mixed with a lot of traffic. This morning Art Basel became reality at the Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach, where I attended the unveiling of Charlotte Perriand’s architectural masterpiece. It is an art/architectural/design collaboration with Louis Vuitton and you can find it on the premise of the historical hotel, but who exactly is Charlotte Perriand?

In the 1930’s, Perriand was first female architect to live in the century of Modernity. At the time she over stepped the boundaries of what was common and even dealt with rejection from the man whom became her future boss, Le Corbusier. Now deceased since the 1990’s, she is being honored in the utmost way: Louis Vuitton just physically built her design as a form of inspiration in their Icon Collection. It is a shame she was unable to see this form of true art come to life; however, her daughter Pernette was present for the momentous occasion, sharing “since the beginning of collaboration I’ve been living a dream, I am moved. To see how she inspired Louis Vuitton for the icon collection is fascinating. It is bringing my mother back to life. What moves me is it emphasized the woman and the artist. When Perriand’s archives were, opened they brought this project to our attention. Architecture and creativity is a source for the brand. Louis Vuitton understood she represented the contemporary artist but the woman who chose her own destiny.” Amidst the presentation, Craig Robbins spoke about the project, stating “as an advocate of design I’m fascinated. Architecture design and art became a movement. In our city this is a significant contribution among others.”

To view the installation, go to the Raleigh Hotel and it is situated behind the pool. You can’t miss it (nor should you), and as part of ongoing collaboration, Louis Vuitton’s Design District boutique’s windows are dedicated to Charlotte. Following this week, Louis Vuitton’s window displays will emulate this globally.

OH, and the house is for sale, so contact your local Sotheby’s office for more information.