Haute Eat: BBQ Al Qasr at Emirates Palace


While the opulent design of the Emirates Palace Hotel never ceases to amaze, what many seem to neglect is the stunning natural surroundings of this giantesque architectural structure. The recently opened BBQ Al Qasr is an fresco dining concept positioned between the hotel’s dining terrace and the stunning beaches that overlook the Arabian sea. This relaxing and idyllic beachfront scenery is the ideal location for a more intimate night out amid good food and the sounds of the sea.


One could easily be fooled by BBQ Al Qasr. This is definitely not the equivalent of your backyard barbacue, but rather an upscale and highly subdued version of a place where you can get the best from the grill along a stunning beachfront atmosphere.

It was night time when I arrived at the restaurant. Walking down from the Emirates Palace, I could hardly make out the location save for a few dimmed lights and candles – elements that added to the intriguing and elegant nature of the place. I was then led to a table in the farthest area of the restaurant where a candle silently flickered enabling me to appreciate the cozy ambiance around me. It seemed to be far away from everything; I could close my eyes and pretend I was on a deserted beach if it were not for the attentive staff and sommelier who kindly helped me with my order.



Before tasting BBQ Al Qasr’s enticing dishes, a sommelier arrived at my table to graciously advise me on wine for the course of my meal. Taken by its light and mildly floral taste, I chose the Fantinel Pino Grigio from Friuli, Italy.

I began my meal with a deliciously fresh mango and avocado salad along with a mackerel skewer, a whole fish marinated in sea salt, lemon and herbs. My waiter explained how the fish was smoked over green fresh wood and then grilled over an open fire. It was delectable – primarily for the incredible seasoning that blended especially well after the fish had been grilled.

For my main I ordered one of the catches of the day: the Red Snapper. Prized as one of the restaurant’s bests, the fish came prepared in a deliciously succulent rich and creamy sauce. The plate was huge and hardly allowed me to finish half of it – this was certainly a dish best shared by two people. It was accompanied by lightly grilled vegetables – a nice and fresh additive to the large plate.

And then came the time to order dessert. I chose a simple, sweet lemon sorbet to round off my meal. Satisfied and relaxed, I sat peacefully and relished the scenic view, starry sky and relaxing sound of the waves.

A wonderful addition to the Emirates Palace dining scene, BBQ Al Qasr is worth a date for anyone staying at the hotel as well as non-guests desiring a romantic evening amidst fine dining and scenic surroundings.

BBQ Al Qasr is located at the Emirates Palace Hotel. Tel: +971 26907999